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Though it's in a pitiful state, you cannot resolve to get rid of the antique armchair that your grandmother left you. How about getting it restored by our experts?

The importance of furniture restoration

Antique furniture can be extremely valuable whether for financial or sentimental reasons. When it is well preserved, it adds much charm to any room. No matter why you attach so much importance to your old sofa or armchair, furniture restoration enables you to get it anew and keep it for life. However, you should make sure to get the work done by a well qualified team of experts so as to restore its natural appearance without impacting its value. At Upholstery Restored we care about your old furniture and we have the appropriate high performance tools and know-how to bring it back to its original state while preserving its antique look and charm.

Hire our professionals to breathe new life to your old furniture. You can contact us or visit our showroom in Ivanhoe.

Based in Heidelberg,Servicing Melbourne area