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furniture reupholstery Doncaster

Tired of your shabby couch but too cash-strapped to buy a new one? Why not give it a new life? At Upholstery Restored, we can refresh your furniture without ruining you.

What is furniture reupholstery?

Furniture reupholstery allows you to make your furniture looks brand-new and beautiful again while keeping its original features including its form, design quality and comfort. The only thing that is changed is the covering. It enables you to save money as buying new furniture, especially if you are looking for very good quality, is a big investment. Upholstery Restored recovers your furniture with a high performance fabric in the colour and style of your choice. We know how to adapt different techniques, both traditional and modern, to the different types of furniture.

Why not benefit from our expertise and experience to get your furniture reupholstered? You are most welcomed to come to our workshop in Doncaster.

Based in Heidelberg,Servicing Melbourne area