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furniture upholstery Melbourne

You have furniture of really good quality which is in excellent condition but the faded fabric gives it a haggard look, then why not get it upholstered by our experts?

Why is furniture upholstery worth it?

Thanks to furniture upholstery you can keep your existing furniture and give it a new look by recovering it with the fabric of your choice. It is a really good value for money as high quality furniture is more and more difficult to find and most of the time it is excessively expensive. Whether you want to keep your furniture because of its unequalled quality, style, comfort, sentimental value or simply because you cherish it and don't want to get rid of it, at Upholstery Restored we have the solution for you. You can trust our experts who are very professional and skilful and they will treat your furniture with extreme precaution.

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Based in Heidelberg,Servicing Melbourne area